Chapter 8 Management The Management section of the CTT supports the following maintenance functions and processes: Source Port port or port: Page 71 Traffic Class Name Enter name for traffic class. Source Subnet Mask Enter source subnet mask. Page 53 Click the Next button to continue.

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Supported Routers

The Web UI will not respond until the system is brought up again. By pressing ‘print’ button you comtrend ct-5611 usb print only current page. The following descriptions state each connection type setup separately. Hostname Enter the name for the dynamic DNS server.

Organization Name The exact legal name of your organization. Locate the Vista folder, and click the OK button. The following screen will appear.

The additional Items comtrend ct-5611 usb explained here. For those using Windows XP 64 bit, the driver needs to be installed manually please see section 2. When an application is selected the port ranges are automatically configured. The default user account is assigned cf-5611 user name root and password To log on to the system from the Web browser, follow the steps comtrend ct-5611 usb The default setting for Incoming is Blocked.

When the screen displays as below, click the NEXT button. Mac Encapsulation Routing mer 5. Before you enable it, configure the IP addresses by clicking the Add button. The timeout period ranges from 1 minute to minutes.

The DSL Settings dialog box allows you to select an appropriate modulation mode. Attach the power adapter to the wall outlet or other AC source. Comtrend ct-5611 usb the IP address, subnet mask and select the interface. After power on, the router performs a self-test.

To configure the parameters, please reference Outgoing table above. Comtrend adsl wireless router installation guide 20 pages.

Supported Routers | Simple Port Forwardingâ„¢

Page 47 The Web UI will not respond until the system is brought up again. To add a dynamic DNS service, simply click the Add button.

All of the specified conditions in this filter rule must be satisfied for the rule to take effect. Select the location of the file using the Browse button. When the auto-run screen comtrend ct-5611 usb up click Exit and continue with the manual installation process see below.


Dmz Host Select an Application User should select the application from the comtrend ct-5611 usb. The default setting of system log is disabled. Page 17 STEP 4: The NAT submenu on the left side main panel will be displayed after reboot. Select Enable Quality Of Service if required.

Please, turn Javascript on in your browser then reload the page.

After all connections have been made, press the power-switch in to turn the device on. To add a filtering rule, simply click the Sub button. Page 71 Traffic Class Name Enter name for traffic comtrend ct-5611 usb.