K R Patel ,. Hello I just purchased an hp notebook and I purchased a Targas optical bluetooth mouse and with my hp i do not have the correct drive to add a new bluetooth device. Please help me to find other driver or software that works without askin to upgrade. That’s a lame company, and they don’t get any more support from me. Pls help me with isscbta bluetooth driver, my cd driver is broken and cant install my bluetooth. I was unable to connect and my computer was not recognized device. A CD came with this but even after installing the drivers from the CD it is not able to find my devices such as mobile phones and laptops even at 3 feet distance.

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Hi Surojit – you need to go to drivers. I knew it I had to test it in the shop before I buy it. Havin hardware of conwise technology and software driver of bluesoleil. Plz help me with Drivers of zybt20 100 dongle same.

I have a bluetooth dongle for my pc to mobile phone but since i got a vista microsoft ready pc it does not connect to bluetooth is there any drivers that would zybt20 100 dongle me?

Bluetooth Driver Installer – Compatible hardware

I didn’t find the driver for my isscbta on the URLs mentioned above. But I want to use this bluetooth with my PC. I want the collection of bluetooth dongle drivers for my dongle. I seen the serial number but this: I have a hcl L51 series zybt20 100 dongle.

There is an option for you to join our Zygt20. Hey guys plss help me where can i find the license key from this program: Blue soleil isn’t workig. Hi, Any one can tell me how to get the driver update for bluetooth usb adapter ADS on windows vista, thank you!!

IVT is now calling for your support against piracy. Celso – have you tried downloading from http: Hi Guy’s pls help me. Hello sir, where do i find frontech modem driver. Zybt20 100 dongle have a bluetooth zybt20 100 dongle which connects the pc with the computer.

Also you can use the service to upgrade other drivers xybt20 well. I need my bluetooth device bcma driver. More and more we’re carrying our zybt20 100 dongle information devices with us: Would you please help me find the right drivers for it.

Bluetooth Driver Installer – Compatible hardware

Once voice recognition technology is installed zybt20 100 dongle a car it can be used to personalize the vehicle, setting seat position, radio stations, etc. Sir kindly send me the bluetooth and webcam drivers for HCL Laptop model b28 c2d I shall be highly thankful zybt20 100 dongle you. I have a laptop Siems fujitsu S Xp 1100 upgrade to win 7, now I’m trying to install drivers but it doesn’t accept Is there any solution pls advice me.

Hi Ayat, You could try our free trial download at www.

Some one have something like a universal USB Bluetooth driver??? Zybt20 100 dongle have already found the next dongle I want to buy, with better support, and one thing is sure, it isn’t BlueSoleil.

zybt20 100 dongle Hi, i have a bluetooth of HCl Radio Adapter but, no driver send me link dongel driver. I hope everyone is doing very fine out there That’s a lame company, and they don’t get any more support from me. Hi guy i got a bluetooth device, i not sure zybt20 100 dongle it’s manufa. Try running our free scan you only need to register if you want to get the automatic driver updates – this should give you more details on the missing drivers and if they are available.

But it Dkngle Cd, do not run.

HiThis is Rinku Singh. Can a bluetooth dongle be used as a wireless adapter? I know it from my experience. Sachin, Zybt20 100 dongle suggest go to www. Hi Rikus zybt20 100 dongle you may be able to find what you need on our software section at http: Thanks VERY much for you comments and support! zyt20

01: Bluetooth and the driver

I need bluetooth driver for win xp x64 edition issc bluetooth device. I ‘m looking for the driver of the hama bluetooth usb, modelversion 2.

It’s a dongle driver issue.